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Teoría y Crítica de la Psicología is an online, open-access journal, dedicated to theoretical and critical work in relation and opposition to psychology, for it and against it, inside it and at its frontiers, in its obverse and in its reverse. The journal provides a multidisciplinary online forum for the exchange of alternative reflections among academics, professionals and activists involved in psychological, metapsychological or anti-psychological research.
               Teoría y Crítica de la Psicología aims to publish provocative papers and is committed to theoretical diversity, critical tenacity and auto-critical reflexivity. Broad in scope, the journal is concerned with a variety of controversial issues related to psychology, such as its forgotten philosophical antecedents, its cultural and historical foundations, its economic determinants, its political positions, its ideological assumptions, its prejudices, its ethnocentrism, its racist or sexist presuppositions, its institutional obligations, its complicity with power, its disciplinary and regulatory functions in society, as well as its past and current conceptual confrontations, its shady relation with psychoanalysis, its epistemological weaknesses, its constitutive abstractions, its arbitrary limits, its vitality outside its official functioning, its cultural operation beyond the boundaries of academic and professional practice, its long neglected history before its short acknowledged existence, its current imperialism, and its internal means of control and forms of domination and segregation.

               Teoría y Crítica de la Psicología is open to all progressive and subversive approaches in the psychological, metapsychological and anti-psychological field: Marxism, concrete psychology, dialectical psychology, cultural-historical activity theory, critical theory, anarchism, anti-psychiatry, anti-capitalism, anti-racism, postcolonialism, liberation psychology, Latin-American community social psychology, PAR (Participatory Action Research) indigenous psychology, critical pedagogy, critical psychologies, critical social psychologies, psychogeography and situationism, LGBT-affirmative psychology, feminism, queer theory, radical psychoanalysis, Freudian Left, Freudo-Marxism, politically engaged Lacanism, post-structuralism, discursive psychologies, narrative psychologies, etc. Besides these and other existent perspectives, the journal is open to the still inexistent, to the unforeseen, and to the unforeseeable.  

               The language of Teoría y Crítica de la Psicología is Spanish. Each issue of the journal includes classic and contemporary texts. The classic texts are selected because of their relevance to theoretical and critical work in and against psychology. The contemporary texts are peer-reviewed original papers. In addition to these texts, there is a receiving aerial of acritical naturalizations, which collects small texts that detect, in the psychological environment, acritical assumptions of situations susceptible to criticism. Teoría y Crítica de la Psicología may also publish interviews, anthologies, bibliographies, indices, chronologies, and other original materials, not published elsewhere in Spanish, that may be useful to support theoretical and critical work.








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